Welcome to the Island of Peace

 Welcome to a place like no other. Serendipitously situated at the base of Volcan Concepción, Wanderlust Utopia makes its home on Isla de Ometepe.  A conscious, sustainable, plant-based, eco-friendly and social responsible venture, Wanderlust Utopia is a retreat facility for the like-minded. Yoga teacher training, fitness and adventure, hiking in nature, family or corporate groups, you will find your home to come back to year after year. Our mission is to give back to the community in which we share here in Nicaragua by supporting education programs for youth, teaching community cooking classes and hosting free neighbourhood dinner parties. 

Our Values


Love is the heart of Wanderlust Utopia. A deep and profound force of nature, love has been a victim of language. People love their houses, sports, clothes and cars. At Wanderlust Utopia, loves means compassion, caring, understanding, acceptance and gratitude. Love is energetic and shared among people, animals and nature, not with material things. Every detail of our design and every interaction with our guests is based around the value that the love for people, animals and Mother Nature is our guiding force.


Something we all have taken for granted at one time or another is gratitude. It shapes our attitude in life and the more grateful we are for the people and experiences we have, the happier we can be. If love is the heart of Wanderlust Utopia, gratitude is its spine. Gratitude for a chance to share our gifts with those who join us in paradise allows us to keep pressing forward with our message of love.


It is said that we all have empathy neurons in our brain. Empathy is the brain of Wanderlust Utopia. It’s how we make our tough choices select our most passionate causes and how we approach every personal, social and  ecological issue we face. 

With unity comes inclusion, acceptance,  non-judgment and cooperation. We all are powerful when we unite on the level of blood, bones and spirit. We may be a different color, gender, race or religion and we may have our different ways, but whatever God/Universe/Creator you believe in, we all come from the same one. 

At Wanderlust Utopia we treat our clients as our brothers and sisters. We share the love, appreciate the support and care for you as our family. 


For every meal you eat we will feed someone in need. For every retreat you book we will sponsor a local youth to attend a community cooking class that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford.   

Our Offerings

Host a Retreat


Host your own unique retreat here in paradise. From Yoga Teacher Trainings to Sacred Plant-Medicine Journeys and Family Reunions to Corporate Team Building Events, we have your needs covered.

Join an Upcoming Retreat


Have a peek at our upcoming retreats. We'd be happy to accommodate you. Our hosts join us from all over the world. Scroll our unique offerings and come for a visit.

Wanna Trade or Volunteer?


Ever dreamed of trading your hard worked sweat for a cozy place to sleep and delicious meals? Come to our Utopia and help us build. Check out WORK AWAY to book a spot!


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Wanderlust Utopia

Playa Samaritano, Ometepe, Nicaragua

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